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 What does a tech project manager do?

A tech project manager is the backbone of any information technology (IT) team. As part of their daily responsibilities, tech PMs concept, develop, and execute high-powered initiatives that help their organizations thrive. As a technology project manager, you will also perform practical responsibilities, including managing a budget, scheduling, and communicating with stakeholders of varying degrees of technological expertise.

Admission requirements for a tech project manager boot camp

Admissions requirements and prerequisites for an online tech product management boot camp may vary. At edX, our boot camps require:

  • A high school diploma

  • A submission form

  • An admissions conversation 

  • A complete application

  • A problem-solving assessment (no prior industry knowledge is required)

  • A financial options, deposit, and enrollment agreement

You do not need previous professional experience, a bachelor’s, or a master's degree to apply to an edX tech product management boot camp. Our expert instructors will teach you the fundamental skills you need to emerge as a leader in your technology project management career.

What alumni are saying

Tech Proj Mgmt BC testimonial

— Deepti B., UC Berkeley Extension Tech PM Boot Camp alum

“[My] technology program management boot camp helped me refresh PM concepts, and get more calls from recruiters and hiring managers.”

What does a tech project management class teach?

When you attend one of our online tech project management boot camps, you develop competitive skills by completing real-world projects. You also learn to incorporate sophisticated skills, such as requirements gathering, use-case creation, and operational metrics tracking, into your future projects.

Bootcamp Media

Tech project management boot camp curriculum. Delivered by industry experts. 

Module 1: The software development life cycle

Become fluent in the language of technology so you can credibly speak with business and tech stakeholders.

You will learn:

• The software development life cycle

• Software development organizations

• Requirements gathering

• Use case creation

• Test case development

Module 2: Traditional project management

Gain a strong foundation in traditional project management methodologies.

You will learn:

• The project management life cycle

• Triple Constraint Theory

• Integration management

• 10 PMBOK Knowledge Areas

• Traditional projects and tools

Module 3: Agile methodologies and scrum framework

Learn what agile methods are, as well as when and how to apply them in different contexts.

You will learn:

• Scrum methodology

• The Kanban method

• Agile project initiation

• Agile project management

• Agile project execution

Module 4: Hybrid project management

Learn how to combine the traditional and agile to best suit the needs of every project and employer.

You will learn:

• Traditional vs. agile methodologies

• Work breakdown structures

Module 5: Project management in operations

Learn to support operational activities using the most widely accepted IT service management framework.

You will learn:

• Service management life cycle

• Key performance indicators

• Operational service level agreements

Module 6: Professional Scrum MasterTM I Test Prep

Our technology project management boot camp curriculum is designed to align with the philosophy of agile and Scrum, preparing enrollees to pursue certifications in Professional Scrum Master™ I (PSM I), Professional Scrum Master™ II (PSM II), or Professional Scrum Product Owner™ I (PSPO I).

How much is a technology project management salary?

You may be able to grow your annual salary potential with a tech project manager boot camp online. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall median annual salary for computer and information systems managers in 2021 was $159,010 per year.¹ But remember: Factors such as location and experience level may impact your tech product manager salary.

How to become a technology project manager online

Every great software developer needs a project manager to ensure everything gets done on time, on budget, and on strategy. Technology project management boot camps require quick thinking, technological fluency, confident leadership, and more, including:

Soft skills

  • Communication

  • Organization 

  • Conflict management

  • Adaptability 

  • Diplomacy 

Hard skills

  • Software development knowledge 

  • Integration management 

  • Requirements gathering

  • Scrum methodology proficiency 

  • Key performance indicator comprehension 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, project management is a tech skill. To effectively leverage your project management proficiency, you must have a firm understanding of software development, management methodologies, and various organizational frameworks.

edX technology project management boot camps deliver courses on specialized topics, such as software development lifecycle, traditional project management, hybrid project management, agile methodologies, and scrum framework.

Technology project management is the foundation of any information technology (IT)-reliant organization. Without the technological expertise and leadership of tech project managers, daily operations would likely suffer.

Technology project managers are solution-oriented. Not only do they concept, develop, and execute important IT initiatives, but they also plan, schedule, and communicate to both tech and non-tech stakeholders.

Technology project managers usually possess both a tech background and a robust understanding of tech-related concepts. These professionals typically work in information technology (IT) settings. On the other hand, non-tech project managers might leverage more generalized skill sets. They perform in the management departments of practically any organization.

Boot camp tuition varies across each program and depends on your chosen length of study. edX boot camps offer funding options for you to choose from, including an interest-free payment plan. Ask your admissions representative for tuition and funding option details.

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¹ Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Computer and Information Systems Managers . Retrieved August 2022.