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Learn JavaScript online

JavaScript can be an entry point into coding and an accessible programming language to learn. Whether you choose an online JavaScript course or a JavaScript certification, you can learn the basics of powering dynamic, interactive user experiences.

What is JavaScript?

When looking at a website that's more than just a block of text or an image, there's a solid chance JavaScript is involved. So, what is JavaScript used for? At a high level, JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that allows web developers to update content regularly; manipulate multimedia; provide interactive maps, menus, and buttons; animate graphics; prompt pop-ups; and everything else one expects from a functioning website.Footnote 1 This makes JavaScript jobs a crucial component of web development.

Why else learn JavaScript? With JavaScript, web developers can implement Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which are pre-written pieces of code that save time by allowing developers to run programs on demand.Footnote 2

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On your computer, tablet or phone, online courses make learning flexible to fit your busy life.

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Why learn JavaScript? 

JavaScript is one of the most commonly used client-side programming languages, meaning that it runs on the side of the device or machine that belongs to the user or the client (as opposed to server-side programming, which runs on the server). JavaScript training is also easy to get going — it’s as simple as launching a browser’s console panel, which can be accessed with a simple shortcut. 

It’s no surprise that when posting job listings for web developer positions, many hiring managers and recruiters list JavaScript as part of their desired candidate’s qualifications. One of the ways to let hiring managers know that you’ve studied JavaScript is by successfully completing a JavaScript course online that results in a JavaScript certificate. Depending on how recently the online JavaScript course was completed, the JavaScript certification can also communicate proficiency in the most recent version of JavaScript. 

Learn JavaScript for beginners with online classes

If you’re wondering how to learn JavaScript, one way to get started is with a JavaScript online course. Don’t worry about not already knowing JavaScript. It's not uncommon for an online JavaScript course to assume no working knowledge of JavaScript. HTML and CSS, which are the basic building blocks of websites upon which JavaScript rests, are often included in a free JavaScript course. An introductory JavaScript class may cover topics such as  how to code JavaScript, debug JavaScript (i.e. fix problems in JavaScript code), and create interactive websites. JavaScript tutorials may also be taught as part of a general introduction to coding classes for HTML and CSS, Python, and/or JavaScript frameworks like Node.js or React. 

Explore JavaScript jobs

JavaScript jobs can be found in major metropolitan areas worldwide as well as in remote locations, ranging from full-time salaried positions to part-time contract work. A JavaScript developer salary range may vary based on the location. Some examples of JavaScript jobs include front-end web development, which entails coding the user-side visual components of websites; web application development, which is building software applications for the internet; and website administration or being a webmaster, which means handling all the website maintenance, from updates to backups to problem solving. 

Obtaining a JavaScript certification by completing an online JavaScript course is one way to stand out to recruitment or hiring managers, and may boost the salary potential of a JavaScript developer. Completing a JavaScript online course is also a way to keep up with new changes to JavaScript and improve your coding knowledge. Professionals can study different runtime environments, which are the software or hardware infrastructures in which programs are executed; learn JavaScript libraries, which are collections of pre-written code that execute commonly performed tasks; and gain more niche skills, like developing applications for the cloud. Another option is to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as computer science and later earn a master’s degree

How to become a JavaScript developer

In addition to knowing JavaScript, becoming a JavaScript developer calls for knowledge of CSS and HTML as well as popular JavaScript frameworks. Web development is a collaborative profession, so proficiency in project management, communication and teamwork can go a long way.Footnote 3 Depending on the position, it may also be useful to have other skills, such as design, writing, search engine optimization, etc. Web development is also something a professional can do independently on a contract basis, so knowing how to market yourself and run a small business may be helpful if you decide to go the freelance route.

One of the advantages of studying JavaScript online is that there are lots of learners pursuing the same career path. There are many forums dedicated to JavaScript, where students can pose questions. Forums are also an opportunity to network and show off any web design skills. Some professionals get their start with an online JavaScript course or a coding boot camp. Others earn bachelor’s degrees in computer science or data science to learn foundational concepts of the field or opt for online master’s degree programs in data science

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