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A growing field that transforms data Into decisions

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Why complete a data analytics boot camp?

Global network

Access a network of 250+ employers looking to hire.

Student success

Stay on track with personalized academic support.

Career support

Leverage free professional resources throughout your career.

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Learn how to leverage AI and machine learning to automate, solve problems, and drive results. No previous programming experience required.

What does a data analyst do?

Data analysts are storytellers. They retrieve, interpret, and organize big data to draw meaningful conclusions for organizations and companies. As a certified data analyst, you will compile your findings into accessible visualizations, allowing stakeholders to make informed business decisions. At its core, a data analytics career requires collaboration, accuracy, and technical skills, including software comprehension and data management. Browse data analytics boot camps by location

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Admission requirements for a data analyst boot camp

Admissions requirements and prerequisites for an online data analytics boot camp may vary. At edX, our boot camps require:

  • A high school diploma

  • A submission form

  • An admissions conversation 

  • A complete application

  • A problem-solving assessment (no prior industry knowledge is required)

  • A financial option, deposit, and enrollment agreement

You do not need previous professional experience, a bachelor’s, or a master's degree to apply to an edX data analytics boot camp. Our expert instructors will teach you how to transform complex information into effective presentations

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What alumni are saying

Data Analytics BC testimonial

— Charles R., Northwestern Data Science and Visualization Boot Camp alum

“I chose to attend [a data analytics boot camp] to round out my technical skills, and the program did all that and more. I am a significantly better programmer than I was when I started. ”

What does a data analytics class teach?

Our data analytics boot camp is a learner-first online experience that combines collaborative, hands-on training with real-world data sets. It provides you with the tools to collect, analyze, and visualize big data — and to make your next career move.

Explore part-time data analytics boot camps and 24-week data analytics boot camps

Data analytics boot camp curriculum

Module 1: Excel crash course 

Do more with Microsoft Excel. You’ll even learn to model historic stock trends — and, hopefully, beat the market.

You will learn:

• Pivot tables

• Forecasting

• VBA scripting

• Statistics modeling

Module 2: Python data analytics

Gain a strong foothold in one of today’s fundamental programming languages.

You will learn:

• Python 3

• APIs

• NumPy

• SciPy

• Pandas

• Matplotlib

Module 3: Databases

Learn to organize data into well structured and easily retrievable data formats.

What you will learn:


• PostgreSQL/pgAdmin

• MongoDB

• Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process

Module 4: Web visualization

Master the core technologies of web development and create new, interactive data visualizations that you can share with everyone on the web.

What you will learn:



• Bootstrap framework

• JavaScript charting

• Geomapping with Leaflet.js

Module 5: Machine learning and other advanced topics

Explore new and in-demand topics and tools.

You will learn:

• Tableau

• Date ethics

• Hadoop

• Machine learning

Module 6: Final project

Add to your portfolio. Your final project is an opportunity to get creative and collaborate with a small group of students to design an impressive data visualization application.

What are the highest paying data analytics jobs?

You may be able to boost your potential salary with a data analytics boot camp online. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall median annual salary for operations research analysts in 2021 was $82,360 per year.Footnote 1 But, remember: Factors such as location and experience level may impact your data analytics salary. 

How to become a data analyst online

Data analysts collect, interpret, and store more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that are created each day — much of which can be used to translate information into global insights, predict future trends, and help organizations make better decisions

To excel in your data analytics boot camp, you should leverage dynamic skills, including:

Soft skills

  • Communication 

  • Problem-solving 

  • Teamwork

  • Detail-oriented

  • Collaboration

  • Critical thinking

Hard skills

  • SQL

  • Tableau

  • Machine learning

  • Python

  • CSS

  • Data mining and modeling 

Frequently asked questions

edX data analytics boot camps include courses on specialized topics, such as Microsoft Excel, Python data analytics, database organization, web visualization, and machine learning.

In a data analytics boot camp, you will learn the in-demand skills employers search for in capable candidates. edX boot camps feature fast-paced online learning, flexible scheduling options, and tuition prices lower than traditional alternatives.

You do not need advanced coding skills to excel in your data analytics career. However, you will need to become proficient in analytics software, data visualization software, and data management programs to perform daily tasks — all of which you will learn to use during the boot camp.

Data analysts should have a strong foundational knowledge of statistics and probability, calculus, and discrete mathematics. However, it is unlikely that you will need much familiarity with more complex mathematical disciplines.

In basic terms, data analysts collect, interpret, organize, and communicate existing data. Data scientists use code to develop new methods and algorithms for data capture and analysis.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall median annual salary for operations research analysts in 2021 was $82,360 per year.Footnote 1 But, remember: Factors such as location and experience level may impact your data analytics salary.

Boot camp tuition varies across each program and depends on your chosen length of study. edX boot camps offer funding options for you to choose from, including an interest-free payment plan. Ask your admissions representative for tuition and funding option details.

Yes! A number of our university partners are offering a 20% on data boot camps discount to verified active military service members, reservists and veterans. Learn more on this page dedicated to military learners.

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